Roy and friends photo gallery page 1

Welcome to Roy's image gallery. I'll be displaying pictures from my former bands, past and present associates, friends and family. It may take a while to load for phone line users so please be patient.

I'll be adding photos to this page continuously and you can send me yours via email at:

My Friends

The #1 Rockabilly fan in the world, Nol Voorst & his wife Wies  from Maastricht, Netherlands

Nol with his sister Steffie

Nol with granddaughter Anouk and mother Ester

The late great Floyd Cramer with wife Mary

Roy and Nashville legend Grant Turner 1971

Dixie Harrison promotional photo

Canadian artist Max Brand (in blue) with Maximum RNB

Recording artist Kitty Houston


Roy and Alan Cost pictures

Bands from the past


Original "The Shadows" circa 1965

"The Shadows" circa 1967


"The Music Shoppe", with the late Alfred Crump, Pat "Dutch" McRae and Roy circa 1971

Original "Autumn Mist" Ronnie Harrison(top),Jimmy Jobe,Linda Harrison & Roy circa 1974

"Autumn Mist" w. Alan Cost, Roy, Carolyn McPeake and Paul Brock

Yet another incarnation of "Autumn Mist" backing up Alan in Marlboro Talent Show 1991.



Alan Costs' "Southern Express Band" On cable show Nashville Review circa 1990

with members Butch Suitt, Jay and Kevin Bartley

Kevin Bartley hits an off-chord while wondering if there are any heifers watching him.