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Roy Cost was born in Gravelly, Arkansas in 1940 to a farm family. Gravelly inhabitants
boast of having such celebrities as Arthur Lee Hunnicutt,  Mary Cramer Kitchens, Doug Jones,
Bob Jones, Earl Lee Kitchens, Grover Cleveland Cost, and the C.C.  Kitchen family. Roy got
his start in show business at FV. School and did his first radio show at the KWHN Jamboree
in Ft. Smith in 1957. He learned the guitar at an early age & played piano at church. He was
a friend and a music associate of the late and great Floyd Cramer. Cramer once got him into
the Tree Publishing Family in Nashville and he visited RCA and the Cramers over the years.
In 1958 Cost came to Conway and ASTC college where he entered a talent show and got
got a standing ovation. He made several appearances on the "Drifter's" KCON radio show.
In 1958 He and Joe Reeves founded the beginnings of "The Shadows". Later Cost and
Reeves recruited Warren Crow, Lee "Gander" Hensley, and Dave Thomas. Their record in 1960 of "New Heartache" and "Wind Down" was a regional hit and gave them appearances on the famous Steve's Show Dance Party in Little Rock, Arkansas. The show was hosted by
Channel Eleven's own Steve Stevens. They were programmed on most of the major local
radio stations as well as the giant blues station, KOKY, radio KALO and the most popular blues station and Randy's Record Shop at KLAC in Gallatin, Tennessee.

The Shadows evolved into another group with the same name by adding Rupert Sims and
Jack Nance, former drummer of Conway Twitty and writer of "It's Only Make Believe. They
played at the famous Silver Moon in Newport, Arkansas. Reeves, Nance, Crow, and Sims
moved on. and Nance took a job with Dick Clark of American Bandstand. he later became the
manager of The Jackson Five. Harrell Clendenin, Jeff Coursey, Jim Glover, Larry Nichols,
Randy Tarver, Terry Bishop, and Roy Cost became the younger, "The Shadows".  Earlier they
had cut  a  record at Bill Black and Lyn-lou studios in Memphis. The record of "You Can
Count On Me" and "Ketchy" was an instant regional hit and the A side became a
number one song on KALO Radio  as well  as receiving airplay on the Little Rock giant KAAY.
Musicians on that record were Cost, Jim Glover, Harrell Clendenin, Randy Tarver, & Jack Nance.   Cost was called to Viet Nam and the band disbanded.

By 1969 Roy Cost organized "The Music Shoppe" consisting of Cost, Jimmy Jobe, and the late
Alfred Crump. Cost had his biggest break with another trip to Lyn-lou Studios in Memphis.
This recording session was produced and engineered by Larry Rogers (Studio 19, Nashville)
and musician, Steve Bogard. The song "East Of Tulsa" and "Are You Really My Girl"
became a hit due to the efforts of KXLR'S Larry Dean and the giant KAAY. Joe Stampley who
was a singing idol of Cost took some of the "East Of Tulsa" 45s back with him to Shreveport.
The two still communicate with each other. Stampley resides in Nashville these days instead
of in Springhill, La. "East Of Tulsa" was a dream come true and provided Roy Cost with
trips to Nashville and appearances on Ralph Emery's Opry Star Spotlight and Grant Turner's
"The Morning Show on the legendary Grand Old Opry's WSM Radio. There Cost appeared
on shows with Eddie Rabbitt, Waylon Jennings, Maxine Brown of the Jim Ed Brown & The
Browns, Ray Pillow and Doyle Wilburn.

By 1971 The Music Shoppe evolved into a variety group with Cost, Alfred Crump, and Pat
"Dutch" McRae. They had a 45rpm record of "Family Man" and "Everytime I'm Kissing You".
Later McRae took a job with Missouri Pacific Railroad and he was replaced by Bob Grissom
and David Heffington. Later, Johnny King replaced David because of a broken hand.
By 1974 "The Music Shoppe" wanted to go in another direction as the "Eagles" and
other harmony groups were becoming prominent. Cost decided to form a completely new
band known as "Autumn Mist". He added husband and wife team, Linda & Ronnie Harrison
and re-signed Jimmy Jobe. The group began performing harmony tunes and recorded
"Anchorage Coal Fields" and "My Kind Of Woman." Linda, now Linda Cheek has that rich
voice similiar to Cher. Today she has her own "one lady show" and occasionally performs
with " A Moment's Notice." By 76 they had recorded "Our Son & Your Famous Name"
featuring Linda, and it can still be heard on Roy Cost's www.roycost.com. internet radio.
The musicians on that recording in addition to Cost and the Harrisons were bass player
Rick Hawkins and steelman, Patrick Baize.

In 1980 Roy Cost did a solo 45rpm entitled "Susie Jones"/ "Run Ruby Run" with special
guest guitarist, Arthur Hogue and another record with "The Music Shoppe" featuring Harrell
Clendenin as the drummer. The song became popular regionally as "Drinking Beer &
Shooting Pool".    "Your Love Is Here To Stay" was the B Side of that 45rpm.
By the early seventies Cost had taken a Principal's position at Mayflower Schools where
he met fellow teachers and coach, Andrew Balenton & Lanny McConnell. They played for
school assemblies and local churches as "Salt & Pepper" as Andy was black. Their most
memorable  show was at the black church in Conway, Arkansas, "Ebenezzar Methodist".
While at Mayflower, Cost began playing for Mayflower druggist, Tim Benton and "River
Sound". Members of that group were Cost, Benton, Paul Truett and Dave Matthews.

In 1983 Cost's music career took a different turn. He met Dixie Harrison and helped her
on the "road" and at the Arkansas Opry. They performed at such noted places as "Nashville
North" in north Chicago, the Havre, Montana Rodeo, Eagles, Elks, Fan Fair, and
The State Fair. Cost became a staff guitarist at the Arkansas Opry and was voted
"Instrumentalist of the Year" in 84 by the Opry Staff and the "Arkansas Academy of
Country Music". The two paired and performed with noted entertainers such as
David Houston, "Blackie" Gidre, Sonny Wright, Loretta Lynn's baby sister, Peggy Sue,
and Big Al Downing. In 1990, Harrison recorded a duet with Big Al Downing entitled,
Dirty Lies". "Dirty Lies" was a song that Cost had written in his college days at Arkansas
 State Teacher's College, Conway, Ar. Harrison, Cost and Downing appeared on the famous
Arkansas promoter, Jim Miller and "The Jim Miller Show". "Dirty Lies" never became a 45
rpm record  but the thought of Harrison and Downing team gained great publicity and favor with
Ralph Emery and the "Nashville Now" audience. Through Miss Harrison, Cost became
acquainted  with personalities such as Miss Harrison's own parents, J.C. and Kathleen,
"Moose" Sobards, Ken Marlowe, Curtis Wilson, Tex Pharris, Jack Smith, Keith Kuykendall,
Roy Henry, Jesse Randles, and two famous western stars, cowboy star, the late , Lash Larue
& cowgirl/singer, the late Patsy Montana. Cost and Harrison did a number of "Show Cases"
with various country stars. They also  did   Bob Sivertsen's the Havre, Montana Rodeo.

By 1983 Dixie Harrison had a Billboard Top 100 record entitled "Yes Mam' He Found Me In
A Honkytonk". This was a remake of the Leona Williams country song of yesteryear.
In the early nineties Dixie Harrison made a move to Nashville. Dixie has  a very talented and bright son, named Joshua. "Josh" attends Harding Academy in Searcy, Arkansas. Today  Dixie  and Josh live  in  Searcy,  Arkansas with  her husband  and  former  "Nashville Now"  director,  "Moose" Sobards and Josh. Occasionally Roy Cost and Keith Kuykendall team up with Miss Harrison to perform at "The Sugarloaf Jamboree" in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

In 1990 Roy Cost and Judy Cupit recruited Roy's son, Alan Cost as their drummer and Paul
Brock as a rhythm guitarist. Roy appointed his girlfriend and driver, Linda Moser
as the manager to the newly revived "Autumn Mist". They had great success in the
club circuit. Judy Cupit retired and Carolyn McPeake joined the group with Roy, Alan,
and Paul Brock. In 1991 Alan Cost joined "Southern Express" and Clark
Osborne replaced him as their drummer.      Later Gervis Smith became Osborne's
replacement. "Autumn Mist" number two's claim to fame occurred when "Roy Alan" Cost
asked the elder Cost to back him at the Marlboro Talent Search at B.J.'s Star-studded
Honky Tonk in Little Rock. The group made it through the preliminaries and eventually
finished third behind "Thumpin" and "The KSSN Kissing Bandits". Jim Sanders also
participated with the "Autumn Mist" group in the contest.

In 1992 Carolyn McPeake and Cost began playing in non-alcoholic
establishments including Morrilton's "The Country Music Corner" and Bill and
Lee Goodwin's "The Country Music Connection in Searcy, Arkansas. It was here that
Cost played for other noted artists like Lee Goodwin , Bobby G. Rice, and Narvel Felts.
Cost had also done a show with "Talk Back Trembling Lips" recording artist Earnie Ashworth.
Ashworth once called Cost out of the audience and he performed "A Red Cadillac & A Black
Mustache", the old Bob Luman song. Luman was like Elvis Presley in the eyes of Cost
and in 2002 Cost recorded the tune. Luman had suggested that he, Cost record it on
one of their meetings at KXLR radio in Little Rock.    Cost, Joe Reeves and " The Shadows"
always performed that favorite song at dances, As a note of interest: That was   famous
politician and ARKLA head, Sheffield Nelson's favorite song. Nelson and the two attended
ASTC college together in Conway, Arkansas in 1962 & 63. During their college days, Cost
and Reeves' musical idols were Johnny Cash, Bob Luman, Ronnie and Dale Hawkins,
Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, The Ventures, Johnny Tollison, Joe Stampley & The Uniques
and "The Pacers". Some of their most requested songs during their college days were "The
Tennessee Stud". "Black and Blue". "Let It Rock", "Red Cadillac" and "Wha'd I Say".

In recent times Cost stays busy recording  CDs and with his radio show at
www.roycost.com . He does a lot of work for the Conway Senior Citizen Center,
Conway, Arkansas. His fellow musicians are Red Barnes, Jim Goodman, Dennis Veazey,
Keith Kyuykendall, David Herring, Leon Padgett, Johnny Scroggins, Farris Holliman,
Fred Williams, Mamie Studdard, Jim Wofford and Bill Hinson of the "Outback Band".
In the early CD recording days Cost had to make do with just an external cd burner.
He would get ex-wife, Helen Cost  to take his cd covers and labels to the Quick Stop Printing
Company next door to her work at Dayer's. He credits Ron Barnett with doing those early
copying jobs. Barnett, who is a great musician in his own right has taken a position at Jack's
Music in Conway, Arkansas.

Musical appearances in the future are planned with Dixie Harrison and Keith Kuykendall
at the Sugarloaf Jamboree in Heber Springs, Arkansas. He also would like to again perform
with Harold Gifford, Ginger Beene, Syble Maxwell, and Jesse Rogers at the newly opened
"Gifford's Country" in El Paso, Arkansas.

Some of Roy Cost's favorite moments were his trips to the Ozark Jubliee and the
Grand Old Opry. Once LaCosta, Tanya Tucker's older sister and the Jim Lefler group had
planned to come to Roy's Studio to practice for the Arkansas State Fair, but they all decided to rehearse at Hendrix College instead. Roy and LaCosta stayed in touch for several years.
LaCosta had several great songs near the end of the 70s and was a great talent and a very
sweet person. Roy always says  that  his all-time favorite female entertainer is Dixie
Harrison. He said that Harrison is one of the most talented women performers of all time
and a very beautiful lady. Cost's favorite male entertainer was the late and great Bob
Luman. His favorite movie stars are Arthur Hunnicutt. John Wayne and Wilfred Brimley.
Some of his favorite fans are Jerry Ferguson, Agnes Mitchell, Lousie Jones, Julie Johnson,
Estelle Wilson, Geraldine Hall, Stella LeJeuene, Patsy and Robert Gatliff, Ann Horne,
Glenna Oglesby Goodson, Johnie Willis,   Lona Robinson, Freida Sims, Evelyn Prat, Jim and
Salley Frech the and gang, and Mary Jo Gossage. His favorite musicians were and are Floyd
Cramer, Chet Atkins, Boots Randolph, and drummers Sandy Nelson and Buddy Rogers. His
favorite all-time night clubs were "The Beverly Gardens". "The Top Hat" and the "Cimmaron"
in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. His favorite personalities as portrayed or
described by that great internet radio star, Bojo are Puggin Kincannon", "Jerry Ferguson",
"Twain Willis", "Arthur Hunnicutt","Glenna Goodson" "Comafaye Gassaway," "B. J. Gassaway", "Rufus Benafield", Aunt Matilda", "Ima Hog", "Onie Jennings", "Budo George", "Uncle Bojo" Cedrick Cost", "Claude Balls", "Troyce," "Phinnis", "Ogagel" Jones, and "Arry" Jones, and "Cephas Magness". The following towns are portrayed with affection: Gravelly, Blueball, Dutch Creek, Rover, Nimrod, Harvey, Nola, Forrester, Boles, Danville, the Mulberry Community and Needmore, Arkansas.

Some of Cost's most memorable  "musical moments"  have been meeting his idol, Bob Luman,
his appearances on Ralph Emery's WSM Opry Star Spotlight, when the roof fell in on him
during his and Dixie Harrison's visit to Fan Fair in Nashville, his first radio show in 1957
at KWHN, Ft. Smith, Arkansas and getting paid in quarters at the end of a show in '90  at the
Sportsman Club in Morrilton, Arkansas. Once there were "dirt dobbers" in an "out of
tune" piano at a show in Cotton Plant, Arkansas which caused the piano player and
"The Shadows" a lot of stress.  One funny  happened when Cost and  Dixie Harrison stopped for the night in Yellowstone.  Dixie asked Roy, " What's that dog doing in here?"   Roy  replied, "Anything he wants to!" Then  the  dog came by and  "used the bathroom" on the  bandstand.  " Permission was given  to tell about this one." Once  Harrison had to fire one of her musicians for "stinking".  A few years later  the  two  were visiting  clubs on old  Broadway,  Nashville,  Tennessee.  Dixie said, "Hey Roy, that's the guy I fired for "stinking" so badly. Cost talked like there  wasn't much improvement in the fellow.  In  Heber Springs   Cost,  Alfred Crump and Jimmy Jobe did a show. Crump sneaked out the back door,  put on a wig, a  "see through"  nylon dress, a red bra and nurse's shoes.  He got his purse and paid his money. The crowd didn't recognize Crump and the band couldn't play for laughing so hard.  Once Dutch McRae put  a smoke bomb in Crump's cigarette ashtray.  When they looked back at Crump he could hardly be seen in the smoke.  The management began looking into the attic for fire.  Another time Crump had been drinking and decided to stand on his stool.  He fell into all the drums and cut the  Cost's mike cord into.  In 1969 Cost, Crump, and Jobe ran out of gas in their old hearse "family car".  Crump flagged a car down. The people  asked,  "Could we help you?"  Crump never mentioned being out of gas.   He asked them as only he could;  "Have you got anything to wipe my   #$$?"  In 1969  the  two and their wives were staying in Nashville.   Crump told the motel  clerk   they were Grand Old Opery stars.  The motel clerk let them stay free.  In 1971 they came back to Nashville and for courtesy reasons decided to stay at the same inn.  They had to leave in the middle of the night because the motel room had a terrible odor. In 72 Jobe and Cost drove on ice to get to a  show.  Another band  had their equipment set up and they didn't have a contract. In the same town in 1990  two bands  showed up at the American Legion.  Luckily,  Crump's former wife was the bartender and "Autumn Mist" got paid. The other band had to play free and just played for fun at the "breaks". In 1960, The Shadows  appeared on Steve's Show, Channel 11 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Their drummer, Dave Thomas couldn't attend so they just got some one out of the audience to take his place.  They had to pantomine their new release of "New Heartache".  One of their worst  problems was to get the "fill in" drummer to move his sticks.


Roy Cost was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Burns, Tennessee in April of
2001. They have provided him with a website and it can be seen from his
www.roycost.com. website. He and his fellow band members of "The Shadows" and
"The Music Shoppe" were honored in September of 2003 by being included in Ron Hall's
"The Memphis Rock Yearbook". It is a compilation of the legends of the Memphis recording
era. Dan Agnott at website "My First Band" has included all of Roy's past bands and
fellow musicians. "My First Band" can be reached by www.roycost.com in the
Yahoo/Google search. Information about the Lyn-Lou Studios and "The Music Shoppe"
can be found at the same site.

Roy Cost owns his own publishing company, Cadron Music BMI, a recording company,
Vega Recording Company and has been on numerous recordings over the years. His popular 45 rpm records are "New Heartache"/ "Wind Down", ""You Can Count On Me"/"Ketchy", "East Of Tulsa"/"Are You Really My Girl", "Drinking Beer & Shooting Pool"/ "Your Love Is Here To
Stay", "Susie Jones"/ "Run Ruby Run" and cassette tape "Steppin' Out With Autumn Mist". Cost has written or co-written every song on his 45rpm records. His most popular 45 rpm record is "East Of Tulsa", His most popular cds are "The Day The Sky Fell". "Songs Of Faith"
"Stolen Moments", "Skinny Dippin" "Midnight In Memphis" and "Doomsday. His recent
full length CDs of other authors include "When A Man Loves A Woman", originally done by
Percy Sledge, "The Twelfth Of Never", the Johnny Mathis hit, "The Unchained Melody" of
the Righteous Brothers, and "A Red Cadillac & A Black Mustache", the Bob Luman fifties song.

In the future he planes to release his own version of Floyd Cramer's "Last Date", "Sometimes
When We Touch", the Dan Hill 70s hit, "A Hundred Pounds Of Clay", the Gene
McDaniels tune, and " Hold Me Thrill Me Thrill", the Mel Carter hit.

The Roy Cost Website at (www.roycost.com,) was designed and implemented by
Alan Cost of Conway, Arkansas on September 28, 2003. It includes the Homepage, Links to
The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame & other links, KGAT Radio, Alan Cost's D. J, Promo/bands,
history and advertizements.   Roy Cost can be contacted at Vega Records; 2108 Arkansas Avenue; Conway, Arkansas 

Email (vegarecords@conwaycorp.net) Alan can be contacted through his DJ Service.

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Beasley;  Scott, Stephanie, and  the Raymond Brown family, Conway, Arkansas;   Joyce Littlejohn, Jim McMcMan & Morgan Berry of Augusta, Arkansas;  Shirley & the late Kermit Phillips; Barbara and Gary  Green,  Shirley George,  Diana & Robert Anthony,  Anita Hall,  Berthina Hill,  Lloyd Hervey, Margaret Martin, Lou Jane Wills, Janice Bryant, Eloise McCaghren, Carolyn Lewis, Cheryl Brady, Teresa Long and all of my  former teachers to numerous to mention;  Jack Conner; Frankie Harrell,  Jackie Turner, Bill Ausbrooks & family of Mayflower, Arkansas;  Carolyn Young, Annette Person;  the late Beverly Hunt, and Peggy and Rosemary  Gilmore, Barbara Harrison Cockrell and Betty Kendrick Tucker of FV School; Helen Crary Stark Robey of Heber Springs, Arkansas; Sue Crump Arnette; Saundra Jobe; the late Bea and Jon Pyeatt of  Tulia, Texas; Jerry and Esther Gross of Conway, Arkansas;  the late,  Dr. Orville Rook;  the late Otha Garner & Bea Garner Yates;  the late Loyd & Allie Douthit;  the late Herbert Thompson, Aunt Velma  & Buel; Marilyn Noonen; Betty Corran, the late Lawrence Defoor, Elma  &  Larry; the Billy Edwards family, the late Myrna  &  "Pappy"  Harold Kemp,  Barbara (Whitley) Herring,  Barlie Credit,  the Theardis Stubbs family,  Mary Lee Green,  the late Mr. & Mrs. E.F. Arnold,  Madelyn &  the Bobby Acklin family,  the   Chris  Miller family, Allyson "Nicky" Stubbs, the Virginia McCaghren family of Mayflower, Arkansas; Elaine McRae of Conway, Ar;  Wayne Hunnicutt, Pat Swaim and Joe Scruggs, former FV students; Willie Click, my former coach;  the late Darrell B. King;  Jack Dodd;  the Copelands of Mulberry Community;  Shirley Fowler Aikman;  Sue Ann Highfill;  the late Melba Boyd & Burl of Danville;  Ages Mitchell of Danville; Shelby Brown;  Inez Lambert of Ft. Smith;  the late Bill Swaim & Bob Roy Oglesbee;  "Bugs" Putman;  Emmett & Maggie Cost;  the late Will Sutton & Marie; the late Bonnie & Fred Billingsley;  J.M. & John Jr. Bayiard;  the late L.C. and Moses Bayiard;  Pat Hale;  Todd & Shirley Sanders & Mary Queen;  Buel "Sonny" Loufland of Rover, Ar;   Bobby  Melton  and Clema Melton Aist; Brittany, Halee, and Jordan Cost and Ann;  the late Eldon Webb & family;  Gene  & Margaret James of Gravelly, Ar; the late Tony & Tommieleen  Carter;  Alton Wood;  the late,Jeff Coursey of "The Shadows" & "The Almost Famous Band";Geraldean Hall; the late Dennis & Zella Reynolds, Donna & Kay; Kathy  Oglesbee; The late Monty & Shelton Dishongh; the late Hershel "Doc"  & Hester Oglesbee; Joe Dishongh; Ronnie & Dale Hawkins;Teddy Riedell,Gary Friedrich,  Bobby Gilbert, Jim & Mary Goodman, David Herring,  my great friend, Keith Kuykendall, Ron Hughes of "The Shadows",  my  son,  former drummer  & engineer, Alan Cost Of "Autumn Mist";  my parents, the late Alva & Ella Cost of Gravelly, Arkansas;  my God, and my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank my great friends over in Oklahoma for sticking with me these first few years in the great world of internet recording & radio.  They are Kitty Houston, T.J. Murr, Diana Payne, Ray Bruce, Genelle Tennant  and Yvonne DeVaney.  Although we've never met Kitty and I have done duets and have written songs together entitled "The Land Of The Sweet Forever" "Look To Calvary and "Forever Raining"  We have done one full length CD on AROK Records entitled "Back To The Sixties" with such hit cuts as Kitty's "Forever Raining" "The Waitress" "Hey Baby" and "What Am I Gonna Do Without You".  My most played cuts off the same CD were "It Keeps Raining In My Heart", Everyone Knows I Love You But You" and "Heaven's A Better Place".  Thanks T.J. for promoting Kitty and Me on your own label "Roadshow Records Of Muskogee, Oklahoma" 

Thanks DJs world-wide for spinning  my songs. Here are just a few ...."The Real You", "Little Girl" , Ed Gowen's great song entitled "That Old Martin Guitar, "Your Love Is A Sweet Song Baby", "It's My Memory Thinking", "Skinny Dippin", "It Keeps Raining In My Heart"  and "The Day The Sky Fell" which is my tribute to the fallen at the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. Thanks Joyce Ramgatie for spinning songs by me, Alan Cost, Dixie Harrison, and Keith Kuykendall.  I give Joyce Ramgatie and TLC's Peter Shaw credit for reviving "The Shadows" with photos and the song of 1959 "New Heartache".   Other "The Shadows'" songs are "You Can Count On Me". "Ketcky" "It Breaks My Heart", "Wind Down" and "You Made Me Cry".  "Music Shoppe" songs are "East Of Tulsa"m "Family Man", "Your Love Is Here To Stay", "Everytime I'm Kissing You" and "Drinking Beer And Shooting Pool".  Solo 45 rpms by me are "Susie Jones" and "Run Ruby Run",  45 rpms by "Autumn Mist" are "Anchorage Coal Fields" and "My Kind Of Woman". They had one Cassette Tape, "Steppin' Out".

DJs. Of course I can't name all DJs but here are some special folks too.  Peter Harrison, Pete Smith, Jenny Chesher, Beth Brown, Joyce Ramgatie, T, J, Murr, Lindsey More (Red Neckerson), Anne Lykke Illing, Carl Stoltz, Kajetan, Bente, Roger Glenn Miller, Alan Potterm, Doreen Christensen of Denmark,  Kathy & Bjorne of Denmark, Lucien Knappen, Vickie Tinker, Sandi, Jenni, Kurt Gabriel of Belgium, Polski, Collman, Sandi of Israel, Stephanie of England, Tony Slinger, Eddie Boy, Derek, and some great Japanese DJs who are deceased.. Thanks Trinity, Miranda, Alice, and the late Marie.  Wish I could name every "cotton pickin" one of you nice folks but my Webmaster is getting as mad as an old wet hen cause he wants to leave for Florida on his vacation..  


Soundclick Charting  Acheivements: In January of 2006 I had two number one songs at the same time on the big Soundclick Country Chart (22,026 songs) and the Country General Chart of (2,226 songs)..The name of the song was on Vega Records and entitled "The Real You".  I give most of the credit to the promotion of it by Joyce Ramgatie of Middelburg, Holland.  Joyce and I have had some number one duet songs on Soundclick such as "I Just Can't Stand To Lose You" "Lordy Lordy I'm Going Home To Jesus" and "I'll Keep On Loving You". I wrote "I Just Can't Stand To Lose You" and Joyce and Fred Irving wrote the later two songs.  Joyce, a beautiful lady is a great talent in her own right and has the number one "DJ Post Board" in the independent world in my opinion and she does a top 200 Artist Chart and a top 40 country singles chart. She also does a daily radio show over "365 Live Internet Radio".  We have recorded songs and have known each other for the past two and a half years but we have never met.

It is impossible to name all friends and associates but  the persons  and companies  just named are  a few of the people who have inspired , influenced me, shared a stage with me,  been a special friend or  they are just people that I  admire or  have admired through the years.


Roy Cost; 2108 Arkansas Avenue; Conway, Arkansas  72034     website  Dan Agnott's "My First Band"
Email  roycost@conwaycorp.net             Alan Cost's DJ Service; 2156 Prince Street; Conway,  Ar 72034

Cadron Music BMI              Vega Recording Company          The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame in Burns, Tennessee

"The Shadows"                    "The Music Shoppe"                          "Autumn Mist"                        "Cedar Creek"  *****"Route 66, America" of ***** *****Cherokee Country*****


(1) The originial "The Shadows"  members were Roy Cost, Joe Reeves, Lee "Gander" Hensley, Warren Crow,Tommy Henderson  was an extra for "The Shadows" as they appeared at the "Cimmaron Club" in 1960.    

(2)  The original trio of "The Shadows" were Roy Cost. Joe Reeves, & Pete Boyles

(3) The middle years group of "The Shadows"  were Roy Cost, Joe Reeves, Jack Nance, Rupert Sims, Warren Crow, alternate bass player was J.C. "Johnny" Scroggins; Alternate bassman, Ronnie Hughes and  Phillip "Tiny" Doyle, bodyguard

(4) The Younger,  "The Shadows" were Roy Cost, Harrell Clendenin, Randy Tarver and Mgr. Jim Glover. Their alternates were  Jeff Coursey, Keyboard,   Charles Deboard, saxaphone; Terry Bishop & Larry Nichols, Guitar; Walter Lindsay, organ;  replacement guitarist, Mike Grimes;  Larry Tyler  guest guitarist and Tim Benton, piano & organ

(5) The Music Shoppe members were Roy Cost, Jimmy Jobe, Alfred Crump & replacement bassist Dutch McRae.........Later members were Roy Cost, Alfred Crump, Bob Grissom, organ; Johnny King,  & David Heffington, bass; replacements were Arthur Hogue, guitar;   Howard Landruth, Dicky  Harris, & Albert Prince, guest guitar replacements  (guest replacement guitarist for Hogue was Ed Nicholson; bassist, Sam Crary)

 (6) Autumn Mist #1 members were Roy Cost, Jimmy Jobe, Ronnie and Linda Harrison  (Cheek) guest artists were Pat Baize, Steel; Rick Hawkins, bass.  

(7) River Sound members were Roy Cost, Tim Benton, Dave Matthews, & Paul Truett.

(8) Cherokee Country members were Dixie Harrison, Roy Cost, Judy Cupit, Jesse Randles,  Tex Pharris,  Ron Lee, Gary Frederick and the Arkansas Opry Stars featuring Keith Kuykendall, Robin Hood, Linda and a host of others.

(9) Autumn Mist # 2 members were Roy Cost, Jay Barlett, Gary Frederick & Jack Smith                                   

(10) Autumn Mist # 3  members were Roy Cost,  Paul Brock, Judy Cupit,  Alan Cost  and Mgr, Linda Moser; (Replacements were Carolyn McPeake, Bass; Jim Sanders, Guitarist; Gervis Smith and Clarke Osborne, Drums) ( guest drummers were Jay Barlett and Larry Westbrook)

(11) Gifford's All -Country Band members were Roy Cost, Ginger Beene, Syble Maxwell, Charles Richardson, Chico, Keith Kuykendall,  Dennis Veazey, Bob Helton  and Harold Gifford (former members were Carolyn McPeake, Jim Weaver, Pruett and Clark Osborne)

(12) Cedar Creek members were  Roy Cost, Keith Kuykendall, Dennis Veazey, Jim Goodman, and Mamie Studdard;  (replacement Jim Wooford, bass; guest J.C, Scroggins, bass) ( former members were the late Ray Studdard and Farris Holliman)

(13) The Senior Citizen Band members were Roy Cost, Dennis Veazey, Jim Goodman, Johnny Scroggins, David Herring, and Leon Padgett (Former members were Red  & Helen Barnes, Dicky Harris, & Billy Carter) back-up singer  Mary Goodman.

(14) The Petit Jean Mountain Boys: Members were Roy Cost,  Red Barnes, Billy Carter, Paul Brock, Jerry Donahue; ( replacement members were Carolyn McPeake, Farris Holliman, Keith Kuykendall, Tex Pharris)

(15) The Thursday Senior Citizen's  Group members were Roy Cost, the late Cora Bartenback, Judy Cupit, Farris Holliman, Mamie Studdard, the late Johnnie Jergens, Carolyn McPeake, Dennis Veazey, Jim Goodman, Alan Cost and Billy Carter;  (replacement members were Johnny Scroggins and Jim Wooford. bass)

(16) The Top Hatters members were Roy Cost, Warren Crow,  Rupert Sims, Homer  Brown and many other orchestra members

(17) Farris's Rhythmn Masters were Farris Holliman, Roy Cost, Mamie Studdard, Keith Kuykendall, Johnny Turner, Jim "Speedy" Reedy, and Keith Grissom. Guest artists. Sue  Miller & Sue Reedy

(10) The CMC Group members were Roy Cost, Carolyn McPeake, Pinky Bryant, Randy Johnson, Larry Westbrook,  special guest Lee Goodwin

(11) The Faulkner County Frolic featured  Roy Cost  Billy Carter, Jack Hulett, Jimmy and Buck Jobe,  Dewayne Stone and other special guests such as Ted Walker and Art Yates

(12) The Horshoe Mountain Jamboree featured Roy Cost, Carolyn McPeake, Roger Graham and David Harrington.

(13) The Make Shiftband featured Roy Cost, Carolyn McPeake,  Roger Graham  andd Paul Brock,  with  James Hanks as special guests  (other guest musicians  were Farris Holliman, Billy Carter and Keith Kuykendall.

(14) The Fourche Valley FFA Band members were Roy Cost, Joe Pickens,  and George Beasley. Other features were J.E. Carter,  washtub player and Gary Garner, commedian.

(15) The Roy & Jerry Show featured Roy Cost & Jerry McCafferty ( Special guests were Joe Pickens and Marsalene Luker)

(16) The Fourche Valley FFA TRio featured Roy Cost, R.M. Cudd, and Joe Pickens. Emcee was Bill Dishongh

(17) The Sugar-babe McConnell Band featured Dick Sutherland, Sugar-babe McConnell, Euell Fowler and guest Roy Cost

(18) The Drifters featured Billy Carter, Ray & The Stell Brothers, Royce Reynolds, KCOn's Tom Bonner and KCON & Saturday night's  special guest, Roy Cost

(19) The Three Freshmen featured 1958's Arkansas State Teacher College freshman  Roy Cost, Jimmy Newell and J.T. Rose

(20) The Ralph  Hazel Four featured  Conway, Arkansas' own  late and great, Ralph Hazel. Also in the group were  Kenny Red, Warren Crow and Roy Cost  other special artists  coming later were Mike Morris and  Larry Tyler

(21) The David Bowie Band of 1994  featured David and Mike Bowie, Roy Cost,  Danny Price and an un-named bass player.

(22) The Tony Anthony Band of The 70 Club featured Tony Anthony & Band with  special guests Roy Cost and Warren Crow

(23) ****2007 Route 66, America includes myself, Roy Cost, Jim & Mary Goodman, David Herring, and Bobby Gilbert.  Cost (Guitar & Keyboard) (J, Goodman, Guitar ) M. Goodman, vocals & back-up harmony (Gilbert, Bass) and (Herring, Drums)

(24)  Cherokee Country consists of myself, Roy Cost, Dixie Harrison, Keith Kuykendall, Junior Lyle, and fill-in on bass, Alan Cost.